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Cool gear and gifts for Music fans

       DVD Clothing™ stands for Dusty Vinyl Design. DVD offers cool clothing, accessories and merchandise  for music fans.

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DVD Clothing is a Pro Seller. Quality, Security & Satisfaction are guaranteed.

* You can add text or pictures to any shirt
* Shirts start at the low price of only $12.95
* We carry all Women’s and Men’s Sizes up to 6XL
* Over 400 shirt styles and colors to choose from
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all orders
* Plus you can “BE GREEN” with Organic/sustainable styles

We print on demand and our ordering system is fully customizable which means you can purchase any of our designs on your choice of color, size & style of apparel. Ordering is simple, easy and secure. All products have a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. We aim to please.

Dusty Vinyl Design makes Cool t shirts and Cool new gear for YOU! GET YOUR OWN CUSTOM MUSIC GEAR.

CLUB & DJ GEAR  RAVE shirt , ELECTRO shirt , NU RAVE shirt , DRUM AND BASS shirt , TRANCE shirt , PLUR shirt

HIP HOP GEAR  HIP HOP shirt , RAP shirt , GRAFFITI shirt , URBAN shirt , girls HIP HOP shirt , mens HIP HOP shirt

PUNK FAN GEAR  PUNK shirt , HARDCORE shirt , DIY PUNK shirt , Girls PUNK shirt , mens PUNK shirt

GOTHIC MUSIC GEAR  GOTH shirt , GOTHIC shirt , INDUSTRIAL shirt , girls GOTHIC shirt , Mens GOTHIC shirt


iPOD PARODY  Shop iPOD parody, i DJAY, i DANCE, i CLUB, i ROCK, i RAVE, i PIMP, i FLOW, i SPIT t-shirts & products.

iPod parody

DVD Clothing uses Zazzle as our print company which provides Fast delivery, No hassle returns & Secure ordering of music shirts. Buy Men’s & Women’s Clothing, music Hats, Music Stickers, music Buttons, music Keychains, music Mousepads & more. So buy cool clothing from us today. You have only cool gear to gain!

DVD Clothing is a portal for online shopping sites as well as the best online stores featuring the best prices on quality clothing and Cool gear. We offer Rock clothing, Urban fashion, Emo clothes and mens urban clothing. See our New Music Blog.

We carry many original MUSIC t-shirts! and popular brands. At DVD Clothing you can buy tees, Hats, Hoodies, Posters & gear.

We also carry merchandise from many popular artists with products like Lil Wayne shirts, Jason Mraz, Velvet Revolver and even KISS stuff.

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All items are customizable, you can add pictures or text & purchase any design on your choice of color, size & style of apparel. You can also resize the designs as they appear on the shirts. Click the “CUSTOMIZE” link and you can make the designs larger or smaller on the shirt.

DVD Clothing is the best place to buy your sexy Girlfriend or Boyfriend a cool gift they will LOVE. You can even add their name or picture to make it a truly custom gift they will enjoy forever.

Whether they would like a Punk rock shirt, Hip-Hop shirt, Rap shirt, Rave shirt, Gothic shirt, Dubstep shirt, Club DJ shirt, Funny 420 Weed shirt or Funny College Humor pop Culture shirt, We got you covered.

DVD Clothing even offers gift certificates so the person you give it to can choose what they like from over 4000 customizable products and brands including DVD originals.

Cool neww underground artists

DVD Clothing offers DVDs, Cute girls clothes , Sexy Clothing for women and Cool clothes for men. DVD Clothing has the best deals on DVDs, Music CDs and MP3s for purchase or download as well as Cool New Music Merchandise including official band Merchandise from well known artists and popular clothing brands for less. Visit Zazzle.com/DustyVinylDesign to view all our customisable products.

Want a Old school Punk shirt or Old school Hip-Hop shirt ? A Dubstep shirt , Drum and Bass shirt or Rave shirt ? We got Girls rave shirts & Mens rave shirts . Also Gothic shirts even Funny weed shirts and even twisted Funny zombie shirts . Like Jerk dancing? we have Jerkin shirts , Kawaii shirts and Funny College shirts too.

We provide Fast delivery, No hassle returns & Secure shopping of custom shirts.

So buy cool clothing from us today. You have nothing to lose and only cool gear to gain!

All custom music merchandise and Underground artist designs are available on guys & girls shirts, hoodies & hats for $14 and up.

All of the Music designs posted here with just a music genre such as “PUNK ROCK” on it are meant to be customized by you.

The intent is just to give you a cool template to start with. The purpose is not to just wear a shirt that has a type of music on it, the point is to customize it with text that represents something personal to you and your friends into your scene.

Granted, If you are in the UK or the US and you are wearing a shirt that just says “PUNK ROCK” on it chances are that it would be frowned upon by most other fans into the genre. On the other hand, For people in certain other countries for instance, it may be perfectly acceptable and seen as cool by other fans of that genre.

But by customizing it and adding your own text that says something like

Support Seattle
Raised on Russian

My dog is more
then you:)
R.I.P. 1977

then you are showing support for your music or expressing your own opinion on the state of the scene. The point is that by customizing it you can make it Funny, political, Cool or Serious …. But most importantly it will be original and one of a kind. D.I.Y., NOW THAT’S PUNK ROCK !

buy an obscure sticker and place it on your PC or lap top, or even better buy your friend a custom gift and make a fan that is not as pretentious as yourself happy :)

DVDclothing.com offers T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops, Hats, Stickers, Buttons, Mousepads, keychains & more. DVDclothing.com offers custom girls & guys Hip hop clothing, Punk rock clothing, Metal shirts, Rock and Roll gear, funny Zombie stuff, Goth clothes, funny weed shirts, 420 gear, Dubstep clothing, Rave clothes, Dance, DnB, Electro, Hardcore, Motorcross, Underground College Humor and Pop Culture t-shirts, apparel & products for men & women including ill Graffiti wear.

At DVD Clothing you can buy custom music shirts as gifts for sexy Girls or Guys into Punk Hip-Hop Rap Rave Goth Dubstep Club Funny 420 Custom Music Shirts, Hats, clothing & Hoodies related to custom music shirts & gear.


DVD Clothing is the spot to find Cool gear and Music Merchandise like an original customizable Punk rock shirt, Hip-Hop shirt, Rap shirt, Rave shirt, Gothic shirt, Dubstep shirt, Club DJ shirt, Funny 420 shirt, Weed shirt, music shirt, graffiti shirt, Cool shirt, Awesome shirt, rad shirt, weird shirt, funky shirt, absurd shirt, freaky shirt, crazy shirt, stupid shirt, animal shirt, funny animal shirt, neat shirt, parody shirt, slogan shirt, custom shirt, sexy shirt, women’s shirt, men’s shirt, ladies shirt, guys shirt or girls shirt.

Visit Zazzle.com/DustyVinylDesign to see the stores created by Dusty vinyl and our official DVDclothing products related to guys and girls HIP-HOP, Punk Rock, Goth, Dubstep, Rave culture, Funny 420 weed shirts, College humor shirts, Pop Culture shirts & more.

Make sure to visit our social sites and add us as friends, we have over 100,000 musical & artistic friends on our multiple social accounts so your networking with a great group of cool people.

You can also come watch Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Grime, Gothic and Stoner videos at DVDclothing on YOUTUBE and remember to subscribe to our channel.

We also have another online store with more t-shirt options at our Red Bubble site, DVD Clothing on RedBubble

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DVD Clothing: Cool Art, Gear, Clothes and Music Merchandise for Music fans.
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