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fCacheEnabled = false

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szContributorHandle = dustyvinyldesign

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// the AssociateID determines to whom any referrals are credited.
szAssociateID = ‘238971098476481174’

// if true, about %5 of the time your store will use the author’s AssociateID
// Thank you for supporting my development efforts!
// if false, your store will only include your AssociateID (configured above or in include/_defaultconfig.php)
fSupportAuthor = false //default is false

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fOpenLinksInNewWindow = true

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fShowPagination = false
fShowSorting = false
fShowProductTitle = true
fShowProductPrice = false
fShowProductDescription = true
fShowZazzleLogo = true

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// if false, those layout parameters are controlled by the stylesheet
// “nGridDescriptionWidth”, “nGridWidth” support precise pixel measurements, -1 (for
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fEnableGridWidthStyles = true
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nGridWidth = -1 //width of store grid
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nGridLeftPadding = 20 //padding space on left side of entire grid of images

nGridCellSize = 250 //size of images in store grid
nShowHowMany = 124 //number of items to show on one page of store grid
szGridCellBgColor = ffffff //background color of images in this store grid (hex color code w/o #-sign)

// id number for a category in store belonging to “szContributorHandle” (optional)
szProductLineID = 196605031423463548


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